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Professional spray tan training; in person, in groups or online with renowned husband and wife team Spray Tan Artist Sarah Jane, sales and marketing Expert Phil. Our trainers are also highly experienced in all aspects of tanning and beauty.

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    Learn To Tan Like a Pro

    The only 6 week spray tan course! Spray Tanning 101 learn everything you need to know to set up a successful, profitable business that you can be proud of. We cover consultation, heath and safety, hygiene, marketing and spray tanning technique, dos and don'ts, how to set up your equipment, work efficiently and most importantly make a profit. Not all courses are the same!

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    Spray Tan Masterclass

    Our best selling course, So you can already spray tan, but you are having problems getting hands and feet perfect, or your using too much solution your treatments are not cost effective? Your business is not making as much profit as you could be? We discuss all aspects of tanning, costings and marketing. You will learn all the extras to make you an expert Spray Tanner.

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    Body Building Tanning

    Competitions take in to account the tan and if it has not been applied correctly points can be deducted. Black Magic Muscle Tan is the number 1 competition tanning solution in the UK and you will become part of an elite group of tanners known as the Muscle Tan Squad, spraying athletes for competitions, photoshoots and even coming along to shows with ourselves,

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Are you ready to start building a serious business?

Are you looking to build a successful busy spray tanning business, expand the treatments you already offer or want to grow a little sideliner business for supplementary income, then you have come to the right place! We have been training students in spray tanning since 2010, using the world renowned Black Magic Tanning solution we run professional courses throughout the UK for professional people. Our starter course is a 6 week in-depth course, 1/2 day courses serve no one in starting a professional business.

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The tanning industry is growing due to people being aware of the dangers of the sun, Tap into this billion-pound industry upon completing your online course

The Potential is UNLIMITED!

Make an Extra £200 a week or £5k a Month


We are a global company, I teach students from all over the world.

Hi we are Sarah Jane and Phil! I have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years, I have run successful salons and now run Black Magic Tan UK with my amazing partner Phil. My passion is spray tanning and skincare and to be able to combine the two and teach you how to run successful business but also bean absolute boss at it. A spray tan isn't something that can be learnt on a 1/2 day course, if anything its the one treatment that can make or break your look, you wouldn't be happy with a terrible blow dry or makeup application and having orange, patchy hands and streaky legs isn't a good look on anyone, and that comes down to application. Application and great skincare advice makes the perfect tan, along with a good product obviously. I want to help amazing women and men who want to run a successful spray tan business. myself and my team of trainers are going to show you every technique and skill to give the perfect spray tan. You deserve to be the best at what you do. Phil is a sales and marketing wizz, he has been in the sales industry for over 20 years working for himself and huge corporate companies. Phil is also a fully qualified spray tan artist, and has hundreds of males clients around the country, he knows all about tanning and skincare so as a team we can help you. Together with all our knowledge and skills we can help you to take your business to the next level.

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Sarah Jane Riley

Not all spray tan courses are the same............

For some reason people think that spray tanning is one of those treatments that can be taught in ...

Meet Our Experts

All our educators are fully qualified with many years experience in tanning and beauty treatments

  • Laura John-Baptist - South

    Laura John-Baptist - South

    Laura is the owner of Get Bronzed one of the best competition and photoshoot tanning companies in the UK. Laura has many years experience in the tanning and beauty world and is the upmost professional and a perfectionist.

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  • Jordan Ward - Essex

    Jordan Ward - Essex

    Jordan has been in the beauty industry for many years teaching makeup and beauty treatments. Jordan has her own successful beauty business an is a spray tanner for ourselves and Laura.

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    Michelle Cooke - North

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